About Us

“Leadership – moral, visionary and practical leadership – is to be found in every Australian community group, in every industry, in every sector.”
Patrick Dodson, Indigenous Australian leader, Leadership Victoria Oration


Our network of 1,000+ alumni comprises the graduates of our Williamson Community Leadership Program, Experience Bank Leadership Program and Folio Community Leadership Program.

Our cross-sectoral alumni network spans a wide array of fields, including health, education, law, finance, manufacturing, government and the arts.

As alumni, they participate – individually or collectively – in Leadership Victoria’s Leadership Impact projects that address community issues and opportunities of importance. Our Leadership Impact forum provides community organisations with: 

  • Board members and/or governance support
  • Mentors
  • Specialist transformational volunteer support in areas such as business planning, governance, strategic planning and marketing.

We also undertake a number of long-term strategic projects to address significant and pressing community issues.

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Alumni membership  

If you are an alumnus and would like to join/renew your paid membership, please visit this page.

By supporting LV’s vision and mission with a financial subscription, you will help us to provide:

  • Ongoing connection within the 1,000-strong alumni community (newsletters, informal support and connections, networking leads and introductions)
  • Leadership development scholarships
  • Mentors for emerging leaders
  • Leadership Impact community development and capacity-building projects and other social impact activities