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Our Team

Meet the Leadership Victoria Team:

Our Council

Geoff Cosgriff (WCLP'90) (Chair)   
  Executive Director, Infocos
Clare Amies (WCLP'11) CEO, WorkSafe Victoria

Heather Carmody

  Senior Adviser, The Nous Group
Nick Green OAM (WCLP'04)         
CEO, Cycling Australia
Shaun Hughes (WCLP'05)
  Chief Procurement Officer, Telstra
Jed Macartney OAM (WCLP'05)   

CEO, Independent Disability Services
Dr Judith Slocombe   Slocombe Consulting
Richard Dent OAM (WCLP’04)                
Chief Executive, Leadership Victoria


Our Staff Team

8 - Unnamed

Richard Dent OAM (WCLP '04)
Chief Executive

11 - Chris Kotur

Chris Kotur
LV Leader in Residence


Dallas Beeston
Corporate Services Manager


4 - Monica ter Huurne

Monica ter Huurne 
Finance Assistant

7 - Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews (WCLP '10) 
Leadership Development Manager

5 - Oenone Serle

Oenone Serle
Senior Facilitator, Leadership Programs

1 - Carla Kurzbock

Carla Kurzbock
Senior Facilitator, Leadership Programs

6 - Steven Duns

Prof Stephen Duns
Senior Facilitator, Leadership Programs

2 - Gail Siracusa

Gail Siracusa
Engagement Manager


9 - Yee Min Khew

Yee Min Khew 
Development Coordinator

Genelle Richardson
Marketing Manager


Melvin Satgunam
Operations Manager

3 - Joy Bodino

Joy Bodino
Leadership and Events Co-ordinator