Skilled Volunteering

Join LV as a skilled volunteer

Congratulations for making the first move to find out more about the world of skilled volunteering!

As a volunteer with Leadership Victoria, you will be able to able to share your skills and experience to make a difference in a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues.

Our opportunities include:

  • Mentoring a current or emerging leader participating in a Leadership Victoria program
  • Contributing to the work of not-for-profit and community organisations with projects ranging from one or two days to mentoring and board placements spanning days, months or even years
  • Joining or mentoring a board or committee of management of a nor-for-profit organisation
  • Collaborating with volunteers or program participants to develop solutions to complex social problems

Many of our volunteers are alumni or graduates of Leadership Victoria programs and enjoy the opportunity to build and maintain networks with like-minded professionals.

Apply now

We invite applications from people who have at least ten years of professional experience and want to make a positive impact in the community. 

Our application process includes an online registration, followed by an interview. 

  • If you are a Leadership Victoria alumnus or graduate, please ensure that your Leadership Victoria profile shows that you are available to volunteer

Please complete your personal profile in full, particularly your ‘short bio’ – this is the information we share with member organisations who are seeking volunteers with your skills and interests, so it’s a good place to describe your experience and what you bring to a volunteer role.

We will contact you to arrange an interview. These generally occur on the first Tuesday of the month. 

If you are interested in mentoring, please note that applications for some mentoring programs require an expression of interest as a separate step. This helps us to collect the information we need to match you to a participant or organisation.

Next steps

Volunteer opportunities are promoted here and in our Leadership Impact enewsletter.

Alternatively, if a not-for-profit member is seeking a volunteer with your skills and experience, you will be contacted directly by a GreatConnections Client Manager.

If you are interested in taking up a not-for-profit board position, we may recommend that you complete one of our Board Leadership programs first.

In the meantime, stay in touch by joining us at events that promote and celebrate the positive impact of community leaders.  

Further information

Please contact the LV GreatConnections team at or
03 9651 6590.