14 August 2017

Leadership Victoria is proud to announce the launch of the Disability Leadership Program.

Created in partnership with the Victorian Government and the Disability Leadership Institute, the program offers a range of scholarships and development opportunities, such as mentoring, role shadowing and networking, for people with disability, who want to grow their leadership and become better leaders.

The Disability Leadership Program empowers applicants to build their skills and confidence to take up leadership roles, speak up for people with disability and help to change the way people think about disability in the community.

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30 July 2017

I always look forward to these NECLP days because I know at the end of the day, I'll walk out with a spring in my step. There's so much wisdom to gain not only from the speakers but from other participants - the sheer difficulties of what they have overcome, their strength and resilience. I feel as though I have found my community - friends I can work together with to change things for the better. 

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26 July 2017 By Alison Leahy

If you’ve ever been stumped as to the exact nature of the challenge you are facing at work, I would recommend Day 4 of the Igniting Leadership course. For me, the day was a series of lightbulb moments.

James Garriok started the day by pointing out that culture is ‘the way we do things around here’ while climate is ‘the way things feel around here’. I found this distinction extremely helpful. If you’re having a tough time, is it because you don’t like the culture - for example, way your organisation makes decisions - or is it because the climate has gotten a bit toxic. Figuring this out will influence what you do about it.

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24 July 2017 By Melanie Fraser

Participants approached the third day of Igniting Leadership having completed the Clifton Strengths assessment wondering "What does it all mean?", "Shouldn't I focus on my weaknesses?", "Can I change my strengths or are they already set?"

Our facilitator, Oenone, invited us to perform activities which highlighted how draining and negative it can feel to work on a weakness, whereas it was clear focussing our energies on our innate skills and strengths are energising and positive.

Rob Hart, Associate Coach gave us a fascinating presentation highlighting the importance of simplicity of thought and maintaining a clear focus, drawing on his background in psychology and behavioural sciences.

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19 July 2017

Muslim Women's Leadership Initiative

Leadership Victoria and the Islamic Council of Victoria are proud to announce the Muslim Women’s Leadership Initiative.

The Muslim Women's Leadership Initiative offers a package of programs and activities designed to foster leadership in Muslim women in Victoria through building connections with people currently exercising leadership, and to establish connections and understanding within and between faith, ethnic and other demographic communities in Victoria.

The aim through offering these programs and activities, is to empower Muslim women to develop their capability and confidence, represent those within their faith, and to challenge the stereotypes for Muslim women.  Participants will build networks and connections to drive broader systematic and cultural change, and to contribute to making progress on complex social, economic and environmental issues facing Victoria, Australia and the world.

To launch the initiative, Muslim women are invited to apply for a 2018 Williamson Scholarship.

Read full media release here

Download the 2018 Williamson brochure

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17 July 2017 By Will Brodie

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Leaders can learn a lot from comedy.


Steve Cody, co-founder of digital communications agency Peppercomm, says stand-up comedy made him a better business executive.

“Comedy hones one's storytelling and listening skills and trains you to build rapport with a crowd… stand-up forced me to learn best practices for dealing with a negative or, even worse, totally impassive audience.”

Cody made stand-up and improvisational comedy “core components” of his company’s management training. He says it forged a “tighter, more collegial and fun culture”.

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11 July 2017 By Will Brodie

Australian Ice Hockey League Commissioner Robert Bannerman oversees a sport with a low-profile down-under. Yet, the AIHL is televised weekly on Fox Sports and flies teams across the nation all winter. Its crowds and internet reach have grown every year since 2010. Under Robert’s leadership, the league’s sponsorship, previously non-existent, has flourished. Despite contending with a dearth of suitable facilities, lack of broad public awareness and the tyranny of distance, the AIHL is one of the recent success stories of minor Australian sport.

All this without Robert, or any other official or player, earning a cent. The entire undertaking is unpaid; the AIHL is an amateur league.

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5 July 2017

Leadership Programs for Women

We are proud to announce that we will presenting programs in partnership with the Victorian Government, through their Women's Board Leadership initiative.

The Women’s Board Leadership program aims to support Victorian women to become influential board members and leaders. The program will offer 100 scholarships for women to gain valuable board governance training.

The program recognises that by achieving diversity on boards we are able to see:

Improved social performance of organisations Improved innovation and decision making Enhanced board effectiveness Better financial performance
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3 July 2017 By Patrick O'Brien

Questions of Leadership

It might be fair to say that, deep down, most people would wish to make some change for good in the world – and good change requires good leadership. But most people can also see that capacity for change is accompanied by a range of challenges:

What does it meant to take on such responsibility? 

Can I lead in a way that doesn't compromise my values? 

Do I need to assume the role of fearless leader – faking confidence to bolster the faith of others?

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3 July 2017 By Kristina Hoel

Psychology of Leadership

We learned about the key function of a bystander mobilising support for a leader. Tony Matthews reflected on the role of values in leadership and need to question who we are to identify our values. Values are vital to position leaders to motivate, inform direction and provide a basis to address conflict or create change if issues can be reframed to appeal more broadly.

We considered workplace challenges, applying our learning to real life situations. A group member presented an excellent Brown Paper Bag session about Kindergarten Committee Leadership, highlighting the need to find a story to unify people with a sense of shared values like belonging/community. Andrew Marty spoke about Emotional Intelligence (EI), observing that a key predictor forecasting stability is the degree to which a person can regulate their own emotions but EI is not necessarily helpful in all roles. EI is a combination of the ability to read, manage emotions and make decisions taking into account the impact on other people’s emotions.

Oenone Serle discussed the Ladder of Inference, a model of making inferences leading to conclusions and assumptions which may be incorrect, unconscious and lead to misunderstandings that a leader must be able to identify and manage. We performed skits to reflect how this can play out. One group portrayed a situation particularly well, a new worker in the office feeling increasingly ignored and alienated by a colleague who does not say hello over a number of weeks. It turns out that her colleague is deaf.

We held an afternoon debate around the issue “Leaders Should Always Lead”, an opportunity hold up a fun mirror to leadership.


Kristina Hoel, VEOHRC

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