3 February 2015 By Lance Fors, Global Ambassador, Social Venture Partners

Leadership, Venture Philanthropy, and Large-scale Impact Tuesday 3 February

5:30pm for 6:00pm until 8:00pm

Leadership Victoria

Old Treasury Building

Leadership Victoria alumni are cordially invited to attend a free event featuring Lance Fors, an expert on leadership for the philanthropic sector and a leading US venture philanthropist.  Lance is also an ambassador for the Social Venture Partners global network.

Lance Fors focuses on using disruptive innovations in human, financial, and intellectual capital to catalyse transformative change in individuals, organisations, networks, and larger systems. He has concurrently been the long-time board chair of the global network of Social Venture Partnerships (SVPs), the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2), the New Teacher Center, Reading Partners, and Strive Together, helping each organisation transition from a start up to a leader in their field. Lance made a series of presentations and interviews in Melbourne in May 2013, including at the launch of SVP Melbourne.

The event is free and will include canapés and drinks. There will be ample time for questions and both formal and informal discussion.

This is a free event, but places are limited and registration is essential. Register here.

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17 October 2014

Nick Craig HBR 'From Purpose to Impact'
Nick Craig HBR 'From Purpose to Impact'

"Purpose is increasingly seen as the key to navigating the complex world we face today, where strategy is ever changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong"

-Nick Craig, 'From Purpose to Impact', HBR, May 2014.

When Nick Craig wrote his Harvard Business Review article, 'From Purpose to Impact', he articulated something many experienced leaders know intuitively: having a grounded, specific reason for doing something energises leaders, making their contribution genuinely impactful. (To read the article, visit Nick's website here).

Purpose works as a counterbalance to the increased complexity of the modern world. Once, scientific management or charismatic leadership were thought the best ways to move people, trying to use force to control the world is no longer effective.

Uncovering leadership purpose is not an 'external' task: it is about discovering the things that matter to you and stepping through a process that articulates those into plans and action.

Nick is visiting Australia this spring, and is Leadership Victoria's special guest speaker and facilitator at a leadership development intensive and lunch at the RACV Club on 10 November.

Participants attending this special leadership intensive will have the opportunity to actively examine what it means to be authentic and to articulate their purpose, plans and next actions.


Monday 10 November, 12pm – 2.30pm Club Pavilion, Level 2, RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Register now.

Use this special leadership event as an opportunity to strengthen your leadership, build your networks and refresh your professional relationships.

Group packages are available - contact Jessica on 96516590 or

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14 October 2014 By Richard Dent

Lawyers.  Educators. Taxis. Media.  Are you next? You’re certainly on the list. Really? Yes.

Last week I had lunch with a prominent Melbourne lawyer.  The talk turned to modern complexities, and in particular the digital revolution.    He was bemoaning his profession’s tardiness in embracing the new reality: it’s a global world, digital will disrupt, and it’s “no longer about me”: professional esteem will have to adapt – and clients are much more empowered.

But such adaption is not limited to the law. The new world for education is already here: Massive Open Online Courses (also known as MOOCs) are disrupting traditional learning and organisations – and empowering hundreds of thousands who were previously excluded.

Meanwhile taxis are struggling to adapt to the new world of Uber: demolishing licence value but (Uber argues) empowering consumers with real choice.    

And of course the media is far from immune. Andrew Holden at The Age is an example of a leader at the frontline in such change.  He has to lead a massive transformation: information is free, how to make it pay? How to add value? How to keep the staff motivated, the shareholders happy, the advertisers engaged?

Andrew has had some crucible moments: none more so than his leadership on the ground during the Christchurch earthquake. Perhaps such a crisis - like those which regularly face Victoria - provides insights into facing network leadership, less hierarchy, the importance of community connections, and much more?  

In the context of complexity, is Andrew - and the rest of us - cursed or blessed to live in such interesting times? We are clearly in the midst of global revolution. Like the industrial revolution, many people will be much more empowered, but threats to us all are evident, and leadership adaptability will be key.

Leadership in the midst of a global revolution could hardly be more complex. Are you ready to be next? Leadership Victoria is hosting Andrew Holden, Editor-in-Chief of The Age Newspaper speaking on his experience of “Leading in Complex Times” on 23rd October.  Tickets here.

- Richard Dent OAM

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25 September 2014 By Nick Craig: Discovering Authentic Leadership

Nick Craig
Nick Craig


How do you lead with impact in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic, complex, and ambiguous world?

Why aren’t traditional leadership models working?

What does it mean to be an Authentic Leader?

Leadership Victoria, in conjunction with the Authentic Leadership Institute, presents Nick Craig, President of the Authentic Leadership Institute and co-author of 'Finding Your True North', in a powerful two-hour leadership intensive: Discovering Authentic Leadership.

An executive's most important role is to be a steward of the organization's purpose. To do that, the executive needs to know their own individual purpose, which is a key to exceptional performance and greater well being.

Based on his recent Harvard Business Review article, “From Purpose to Impact”, Nick will show how purpose is the key to navigating the constantly changing world around us.  A cornerstone of Authentic Leadership, purpose provides a platform for exceptional individual, team, and organizational performance.

Learn why defining your leadership purpose is perhaps the single most important developmental task you can undertake.

DetailsMonday 10 November, 12pm – 2.30pmClub Pavilion, Level 2, RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, MelbourneTickets: $120 (Includes: Intensive seminar with two-course lunch and beverages)

Register now 

Use this special leadership event as an opportunity to strengthen your leadership, build your networks and refresh your professional relationships.

Group packages available. Contact Jessica on 96516590 or

Download Nick’s HBR article: 'From Purpose to Impact' here or visit

From Purpose to Impact When leaders can articulate their purpose and find the courage to live it, it is a deeply transformative experience, and the key leaders need to navigate the increasingly complex world they find themselves in. In this interactive lunch seminar, Nick will lead participants through the research and theory of authentic and effective leadership in the twenty-first century, creating structured discussions with the potential to radically empower leaders and impact the performance of their organization.  This presentation will include: Overview of Authentic Leadership and its impact in organizations The influence of your personal strengths and leadership history Understanding Purpose: Begin uncovering your leadership Purpose About Nick Craig

Nick Craig

President, Authentic Leadership Institute Nick Craig is the President of the Authentic Leadership Institute (ALI), a leadership consulting firm committed to leaders and organizations discovering their deeper purpose and having the courage to live it. Nick’s insights and approach comes from over 25 years working with top teams, senior leadership programs, executive coaching and architecting results focused change initiatives. Nick is the co-author of “From Purpose to Impact” with Scott Snook in the May 2014 Harvard Business Review.  He co-authored 'Finding Your True North' with Bill George of Harvard Business School. His work in the area of leadership purpose has been used in corporate and academic settings, including GE, Unilever, and Wharton’s Advanced Management Program. Nick’s work as a Wharton Fellow is documented at Wharton@Work. His article 'Confidence is an Inside Job' is one of the most requested articles in the last five years. For additional insights into the work of Nick and the Authentic Leadership Institute, please refer to the HBS Case Unilever’s Paul Polman: Developing Global Leaders', May 2013.


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8 September 2014 By Leadership Victoria

Leadership Victoria presents Andrew Holden: ‘Leading Effectively in Complex, Changing Environments’

Depending on who you listen to we are either in a recovering economy or about to face further downturns; state elections are looming; and we constantly face the demand for greater productivity from less resources. One thing is certain- change is constant.

How is your industry and workplace changing?

How will you keep up with the relentless changes over the next 10 years?

One industry that has been forced to keep up with the relentless changes forced upon it by the digital revolution is the media. Their editors-in-chief are used to leading people in some of the most complex environments possible. This was demonstrated perfectly when a major earthquake struck Christchurch in February 2011. Whilst the ground was still shaking, buildings collapsing and operating from a shipping container he was still able to lead 'The Press' into a publishing a paper the next morning.

Andrew Holden, Editor-in-Chief, The Age, has first-hand experience in an industry forced to keep up with relentless changes through the digital revolution.

Join Andrew as he presents a compelling insight into the constantly changing world of daily news media. Thought-provoking and honest discussions in this interactive session will extend your thinking about what it takes to lead in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, how to make critical decisions in a sea of information and how to lead your people into an unknown future.

Book now and use this important breakfast networking event as an opportunity to develop and extend your vision and that of your key people. Places are limited so book now.


Thursday 23rd October 7am for 7:30 – 9am. 

Note: to enable the audience to gain maximum value from the event, Chatham House Rules will apply in this session.

Club Pavilion, Level 2 RACV City Club 501 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Bookings: here.

Full hot breakfast included.

This speaker event is the first in a new series from LV for Victoria’s Leadership Network, which will include speakers and topics on leadership that are timely, contemporary and relevant to Australian business and leadership.

Andrew Holden

Andrew Holden was appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Age in July 2012. It meant a return to his home town, after spending a dozen years in New Zealand. Among his roles there, he was editor of The Press in Christchurch for four and a half years, which included the major earthquakes which devastated the city. Andrew has more than 30 years' experience in journalism, from daily newspapers to community titles and magazines in three countries.


Andrew is an alumnus of the Leadership Victoria Folio Community Leadership Program (2013).

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