20 September 2012 By Freya Cole

With more than 25 years of experience with Ernst and Young, Gerard Dalbosco, understands successful leadership. As Managing Partner - Markets, Asia Pacific, Gerard is focused on maintaining momentum and keeping clients at the forefront of his agenda. Gerard graduated from our Williamson Community Leadership Program in 2001. Since graduating from our program, Gerard has utilised the acquired skills and implemented the techniques into his professional life. Gerard spoke with Leadership Victoria and shared his advice on innovative leadership and driving change in the workplace. 

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23 August 2012 By Freya Cole

Thane Joske and Kate Simpson
Thane Joske and Kate Simpson

Williamson Community Leadership alumnus  Thane Joske had no idea that being a mentor in the Skills Bank Program would bring a fresh perspective to her professional life.

It is the third year that Leadership Victoria has partnered with Vic Sport in our Skills Bank mentoring program.

Since 2010, ten of our alumni have each acted as a mentor to emerging leaders within Vic Sport and many great friendships still remain.

LV’s Skills Bank program paired with a mentoring initiative with Vic Sport allowed Ms Joske to combine two of her passions – sport and leadership. “My major motivation to participate after Williamson was to give back and be an active member of the LV community,” Ms Joske said.

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7 August 2012 By Freya Cole

Cheryl Batagol & Matt Vincent
Cheryl Batagol & Matt Vincent

As a part of the Citizen Leadership Project, Leadership Victoria (LV) along with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) presented a masterclass on organisational change and leadership to an array of alumni and participants. This event formed part of the Citizen Leadership Project, supported by the Hugh Williamson Trust.

In 2011, LV Program Manager for Ideas Josie Daw, was made aware of the recent organisational changes at the EPA through a conversation with LV alumni and EPA Director of Strategic Relations Matt Vincent.  

The collaborative approach to addressing change at the EPA was an ideal example of innovative leadership and was facilitated in a session which highlighted the importance of honesty in the workplace and employee engagement.

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20 June 2012 By Conal Thwaite

Sam Bell
Sam Bell

The JJ Clark Room was buzzing with Tweets on Tuesday morning as Samantha Bell, Managing Director of Runaway Digital, inducted many and impressed most with a detailed account of engaging with the Twittersphere.

Some participants set up their accounts for the first time and others learnt how to get the most out of this still relatively new form of direct communication between citizens. Click here to see some photos of the event on Facebook.

The sold-out Twitter workshop was part of LV’s Citizen Leadership program, which aims to inspire critical reflection and educate participants about new modes of communication that have been at the forefront of recent social movements that utilised new technologies.  

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17 May 2012 By Chris Kotur

Pssst ... I'll let you into a secret – a new trend is underway and it's reshaping leadership everywhere. It was very much alive in the room where I was facilitating the Leadership Victoria Master Class (Leadership Online 4 May 2012) - a key part of LV's Citizen Leadership Project. I came away feeling very optimistic about changes that are challenging and influencing leaders everywhere. Now more than ever before I can see the opportunities to grow and develop community leadership. Here's why.    

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8 May 2012 By Hannah Carrodus & Conal Thwaite

Graphic recording by Lynne Cazaly
Graphic recording by Lynne Cazaly

Citizen Leadership is occurring in unprecedented force across the globe. In recent times we have seen the successes and subsequent fallout from the Arab Spring protests, the Occupy movements and the Kony campaign. 

With the advent of social media it only takes one brief tweet from a high-profile person to spark off a storm of controversy. Yet at the same time, if social media is utilised properly, it can be an excellent tool for today’s leaders to connect with people and drive change. 

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12 April 2012 By By Conal Thwaite


Past Events

Upcoming Events


Citizen leadership is a powerful force creating change in our communities.

In a new program commencing in 2012 Leadership Victoria is hosting a number of events that identify best practice for leaders in the digitally inspired twenty-first century. In conjunction with a range of speakers drawn from our extensive network of practitioners, these events inspire leaders, drive change, create networks and impart the necessary skills for future leaders. 


New technologies have increased the speed of communications between citizens, who can often organise themselves and react faster than governments to create change. The Arab Spring and the global Occupy movement are two dramatic examples that have contested, and even toppled, governments. New software technologies have fundamentally altered the ways in which citizens can talk to each other, using text, audio, and video, through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. New mobile hardware is blurring the lines between computers, phones, digital radio, television, and more. Communication is no longer one-to-one, but one-to-many, giving each of these platforms the potential to harness the capacity of millions, or, for the message to be lost in the ether. What is the nature of leadership in this new world, where anybody can become the next citizen leader?

At Leadership Victoria we believe leadership skills must be developed to meet the challenges of a technologically changed world. As awe-inspiring and overwhelming as the explosion in social media over the past five years has been, there is an old art of communication at the centre of this technological revolution. Where there is communication between engaged citizens there is a role for leadership. While citizen leadership utilising social media may be more fluid and less hierarchical than traditional leadership structures, events such as the London Riots remind us that not all forays into the new world of mass communications have been pleasant. Good leadership requires critical reflection and inspires as much in those it reaches out to. The Citizen Leadership program will consider the challenges, as well as the opportunities, leaders face in the new era.

The Citizen Leadership Project is generously supported by the Hugh Williamson Foundation.

Past Events

Inspire leaders - Leading Online: Masterclass

May 2012

During this first Masterclass, citizen-leader Emily Hehir in conjunction with CEO of the Australian branch of Nick Allardice, shared their knowledge of how to advocate for change at the grass-roots level through online forums. Mr Allardice, a social change advocate and entrepreneur, created and led high impact national campaigns. is an online forum in which people start their own petitions, potentially attracting hundreds of thousands to their cause. This program dealt with a range of situations which theorised how leaders can harness this kind of momentum for social change in the real world. We discussed the implications of open internet platforms and whether or not they are always positive for social movements, or a danger of reactive populism online? Emily and Chris discussed the challenges of online activism, facilitated by our Leader-in-Residence Chris Kotur.

Read the event summary here.

Drive Change - Disrupting the Hierarchy: Masterclass

June 2012

In 2009 the Environmental Protection Authority began an ambitious review of its decision-making structures. The result was a new leadership approach designed to utilise the specialised knowledge of the EPA’s highly skilled workforce by gaining more feedback from staff and listening to their suggestions. The Disrupting the Hierarchy masterclass, presented by Chairman of the EPA Cheryl Batagol, and CEO John Merritt will encapsulate a number of important and forward-thinking business and leadership tips to achieve a harmonious and progressing company culture. Cheryl and John shared their experience in this type of leadership style, which takes its cues from the bottom up.

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Create Networks - Leadership and Twitter: digital communication for online times: Masterclass

June 2012

Citizen leader, Sam Bell a global social network aficionado, facilitated this masterclass and provided guests with the most up-to-date knowledge about Twitter and business. The ‘hands-on’ workshop allowed participants to enter the world of tweeting and showed how you can use it to develop and extend your leadership capability. The masterclass provided skills for everyone, at all levels of media-savviness. Sam explored the latest international online trends with Twitter which provided an innovative insight to maximize the effectiveness of our tweets. 

Read the event summary here.

2013 Leadership in the Digital Age Symposium September 2013

This event brought together exceptional thinkers who took part in a discussion about the complex and compelling challenges in an increasingly dominated digital environment. 

Communications and engagement in social media are crucial in our new global reality. We are familiar with the advantages of using digital media and communication technologies to collaborate, exchange ideas, grow relationships, speed up search and disseminate information, access funding, obtain feedback and reach large numbers of people instantly. In this environment, leaders need to foster open and adaptive models of leadership.

Facilitated by Kathy Bowlen, National Media Manager: Australian Red Cross Blood Service and Former ABC Broadcaster, there were three speakers:

Luke Giuliani, Director Squareweave Emma Dawson,  Executive Director, Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society, University of Melbourne Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Centre for The Edge, Australia, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Watch the highlight video below.

Melbourne Knowledge Week Event Leading Conversations: Changing Communications in the Leadership Landscape November 2012

Leadership Victoria hosted a facilitated public conversation between The Honorable John Cain, former Premier of Victoria and Dr Margaret Simons, Director of the Centre of Advanced Journalism at the University of Melbourne. The discussion theorized the role of leadership in a time of changing communication styles. The event provided robust debate and an array of diverse opinions.

Mr Cain uses time-honoured methods of communication such as letter writing, face to face meetings and the telephone, while Dr Simons is renowned as an early adopter of social media and technology. Each leader discussed how they encounter or resist new media, and how their communication styles have evolved over time.

Guests enjoyed morning tea, networking and an opportunity to chat with our speakers following the event, which was held as part of the City of melbourne's "Melbourne Knowledge Week" program.

LV Webinar

Online Action - How to Drive Change with Luke Giuliani

August 2013

For LV's first ever webinar, Luke Giuliani, Director of web development consultancy Squareweave and online issues platform OurSay discussed leadership in the digital age.

Social Media is here to stay, and the goal of the webinar was to get people comfortable using social media and integrating it into their overall campaigns and strategies. Luke explored many areas including the new mindset of "just trying things", why more people should be doing it and why they don't.

If you missed this fascinating presentation from someone who has tried things and made them work, you can watch the video below (they have been split into three separate 10 minute segments).

Social Good in Business

New Leadership



October 2013

Melbourne Knowledge Week, Leadership Demands from a Networked Society


More and more people are operating in networked communities both socially and, increasingly, in the workplace.  As social media and technology are evolving, in a largely unregulated environment, leaders are grappling with the complexity these new forms of media present.  This workshop was facilitated by Chris Kotur, Leadership Victoria’s Leader-in-Residence, who used her expertise to explore how leaders can maximise networked knowledge and energy and adapt it to existing traditional workplace structures.   

November 2013

Becoming a digital leader

This full day program delved into the impact of the digital age on individuals, organisations and communities.  With speakers 'from the field’ describing how they have used digital media to leverage their work, participants gained valuable insights into the potential of digital media to enhance leadership.

Delivered with a robust facilitated framework, based on the Leadership Victoria leadership model, Becoming a Digital Leader combined facilitated sessions, guest contributions and stories from the field from current Digital Leaders, peer to peer learning and creative tasks.

Upcoming Events




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