Muslim Women's Leadership Initiative

Leadership Victoria and the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) are proud to announce the Muslim Women's Leadership Initiative.


The Muslim Women's Leadership Initiative offers a package of programs and activities designed to foster leadership in Muslim women in Victoria through building connections with people currently exercising leadership, and to establish connections and understanding within and between faith, ethnic and other demographic communities in Victoria.

The aim through offering these programs and activities, is to empower Muslim women to develop their capability and confidence, represent those within their faith, and to challenge the stereotypes for Muslim women.  Participants will build networks and connections to drive broader systematic and cultural change, and to contribute to making progress on complex social, economic and environmental issues facing Victoria, Australia and the world.


2018 Williamson Scholarship

To launch the initiative, Muslim women are invited to apply for a 2018 Williamson Scholarship.

Funded by the Islamic Council of Victoria and the LV Foundation, the recipient will participate in the 2018 Williamson program, one of Australia’s most sought-after leadership development experiences.

Entering into its 29th year, Williamson provides a unique year of leadership progress.  The program is a deep-dive into leadership character, an eclectic and challenging advancement of leadership strategy, and an exploration of the vital issues facing your organisation and all Australians.  

The Program

The program covers an outstanding selection of critical issues facing today's leaders, brought to life by seminars from renowned leaders, field trips, case studies and other activities that culminates in an end-of-year retreat. Williamson is a unique, experiential ten-month program, that will equip you to tackle contemporary leadership challenges.

In Williamson, you will undergo a unique learning experience addressing the emerging social, economic and environmental issues of the coming years and decades.

You will be challenged and will dig deep into yourself: examining your values, examining your worldviews and assumptions. You will prepare yourselves for leading change, for leading with authority and - even more importantly - leading where you have no authority but where Australia needs leaders to step up and create change.

Read more about Williamson.  

To apply for the Williamson program without a Scholarship apply here

Scholarship Application

To apply for the 2018 Williamson Scholarship, applicants must be:

  • of the Muslim faith
  • identify as a woman
  • established and a high-potential leader with a proven career
  • demonstrate how your Williamson experience will shape your community participation, with reference to furthering your participation within the Muslim community
  • provide a letter of support from your organisation for your participation in the program

Applicants must submit their application prior to midnight on Thursday 24 August, 2017.  Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a selection interview in September.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by end of October, 2017.

Only one scholarship will be awarded, funded by the Islamic Council of Victoria and the LV Foundation.

Applicants will need to submit both a 2018 Williamson Application AND a Williamson Muslim Women's Scholarship Application to proceed.


Program Fees

Islamic Council of Victoria and LV Foundation are proud to offer one scholarship placement within 2018 Williamson program, as part of the Muslim Women’s Leadership Initiative.  The awarded applicant, will be required to contribute an individual program fee, and can opt to extend their Williamson experience through Williamson Intensive.

Williamson Intensive is designed to improve your personal progression, through coaching and mentoring.  Each Williamson Intensive participant will be matched with a coach and a mentor, providing opportunity to personally explore Williamson topics and leadership theories.  Williamson Intensive further leverages your leadership learnings, providing individual support to integrate your learnings into your workplace, and augmenting core program content.  

Price ex GST
Williamson Program
(cost covered by the scholarship)
Individual Contribution $1,790
Williamson Intensive


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