Great Connections Opportunities

Leadership is the ability to be able to ethically influence, to achieve important outcomes for the greater good

Permanent Care and Adoptive Families - Board Treasure to support the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and the Executive Committee.

9 November 2017

Permanent Care and Adoptive Families provides education and support to deliver better outcomes for children and families in permanent care, adoption, and kinship care. We are seeking assistance for our organisation to be provided with a volunteer who is interested in serving on our board as Treasurer. The Treasurer is supported by our Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and the Executive Committee.
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Victorian Cytology Service - Two Board positions available

9 October 2017

VCS Ltd. is a large not for profit Health Promotion Charity focused on reducing the impact of cancer and sexually transmissible infections through screening and vaccination. We achieve this by providing high quality evidence based laboratory and registry services, education and support, and policy relevant research and evaluation.

Our Vision:
"To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of public health services supporting screening and vaccination"
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Presentation Family Centre - Board or Committee of Management Member

21 August 2017

Presentation Family Centre (PFC) provide respite care for families undergoing hardship. Families are referred by hospitals, social workers and community care organisations.

PFC are seeking committee of management and board members to assist with the direction and management of the organisation.

PFC is located at Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula and applicants who live in the region will be preferred.

Willing people with a wide range of skills are required to assist at board and committee of management level. Board training and previous board experience is not essential.
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Penington Institute - Volunteers required to assist in identifying organisations in the corporate sector

18 August 2017

Penington Institute actively supports the adoption of approaches to drug use which promote safety and human dignity.
Penington Institute, a not for profit organisation, grew from the rich and vibrant work of Anex and its close to 20 years experience working with people directly affected by problematic substance use.

Our aim is to help communities have more effective, cost-efficient and compassionate ways to prevent and respond to drug use problems.

We are looking for a Great Connections Volunteer to assist us develop a Corporate Sector Engagement Strategy and to advise on its implementation.

Penington Institute works with many organisations in the not for profit sector. We now require assistance to identify the organisations in the corporate sector that may be interested in working with us.
These organisations may be motivated to align with us because they offer products and services which are part of the solutions we support such as crime prevention and health treatments service the same demographic group such as training institutions or have CSR objectives which could be satisfied by supporting our work.
The Great Connections Volunteer will work with us assist us to identify these organisations in the corporate sector and then help us develop a strategy to work more closely with them. We work with issues which are highly stigmatized and in developing the strategy the Great Connections Volunteer will need to assist us address the potential resistance we may experience from because of this stigma.
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St Joseph's Flexible Learning Centre - Fundraisers Needed for Asylum Seeker Pilot Pathways Project

3 August 2017

The Asylum Seeker Pilot Pathways Project (ASPPP) is a small but very successful project that is helping to overcome the barriers faced by young people seeking asylum in Victoria. It is run by St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre, a specialist secondary school. St Joseph’s Maree program has been running for three years and currently has around 70 asylum seeker or refugee students.
The ASPPP, in collaboration with the National Tertiary Education Union, Redcross and Vicsuper, has been brokering scholarships and Supported Job Placements with the tertiary education and business sectors. The ASPPP development and management is partially funded by the State Government’s Office of Multiculturalism and Citizenship.

In 2017, ASPPP helped to place 11 students into tertiary courses, including five into Bachelor level degrees on full fee scholarships. These five students have passed all of their subjects, many with Distinctions and High Distinctions.

We also have six ASPPP graduates in Supported Job Placements of 1-2 years, and are working with their employers to collaboratively provide opportunities for learning and contributing to business and government.

Unfortunately, current government policy is such that once our asylum-seeker university students gain recognition as refugees, and transfer onto a protection visa, they are denied access to all government living support, which threatens the success of their scholarships into university. St Joseph's has established a Living Support Fund, to raise significant amounts of money to replace Centrelink for these refugee university students. We need a small effective fund-raising team to organise and deliver a high-impact major event, and an effective fund-raising campaign using social media, utilising the resources we have access to, which include young asylum-seeker public speakers, video and photographic media, musicians and if necessary, middle-eastern cooks.
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Ermha Limited - Use your fundraising, event management and planning skills to help this organisation transform a number of high level fundraising strategies and ideas into a concrete plan for implementation

24 May 2017

Ermha strives to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people living with mental illness or disability and their carers. The change in the disability marketplace means that a number of services Ermha previously provided are now out of scope for people receiving support under the NDIS. In order to continue to provide these services, Ermha needs to raise additional funds to support these mission driven activities.

Ermha is seeking a volunteer to help transform a number of high level fundraising strategies and ideas into a concrete plan for implementation, and work with our staff on defining an achievable set of priorities to pursue.
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Carrington Health - Seeking an independent non-executive director to bring knowledge, experience and expertise in business entrepreneurship to the Board.

11 April 2017

Carrington Health has been proudly caring for the community for over 30 years. Recognised in Victoria as an industry leader in the delivery of innovative primary health care services, they have a demonstrated record of working with communities to strengthen the health and wellbeing of the local population.

Providing individual and group health and wellbeing services to over 10,000 children, individuals, older people and families every year, Carrington Health exists to support those at risk, vulnerable and with complex health issues in the local community.

Carrington Health’s values are Integrity, Innovation, Equity and Collaboration. These are reflected in our Code of Conduct for staff, board and volunteers.
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Villa Alba - Seeking a Board Secretary with knowledge, appreciation and passion for preserving Australia's Heritage

28 March 2017

Villa Alba was built and decorated between 1882 and 1884 and has been placed on the Register of the National Estate for its exceptionally high quality 19th century decorated interior, including rare examples of scenic mural paintings.

Villa Alba was a private home until bought by The Royal Women's Hospital in 1950. Much of the decoration was overpainted at that time. In 1984 Villa Alba was 'saved for the people' by a group chaired by (Sir) Rupert Hamer. Conservation work has been undertaken, whenever possible, to reveal the beautiful painted and stencilled decoration.The heritage garden has been re-created and was dedicated as 'The R J Hamer Heritage Garden' by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.

The property is open to the public on the first Sunday of every month.
Conservation work is ongoing and the long term aim is for Villa Alba to be established as a teaching museum of interior decoration.
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Biala Peninsula - Seeking Board member with Executive Management experience

23 February 2017

Biala Peninsula supported by a staff team of 30, currently has 132 early childhood intervention service (ECIS) funded places are available to children and their families.

Biala Peninsula has extended its services to be a registered provider of HCWA, Better Start & Medicare Programs. These Federally funded programs can be accessed by children who met the criteria and have additional individual funding provided.

Biala Peninsula now operates 6 days per week opening Saturdays all day.
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Casa Cultura - Use your strategic and analytical skills to join the Board of this organisation looking to promote social change and inclusiveness through the use of the arts and culture of Latin America

13 December 2016

Casa Cultura is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses its efforts on using the power of the arts and culture as a vehicle to develop socially functional identities in displaced communities, as a tool to bring about social change and as a mechanism to promote social inclusiveness.

With a focus on the cultural voice of Latin America, Casa Cultura develops capacity-building programs to raise the profile of its artistic practitioners to the point where a tangible social impact can start to be felt and reaches out to find opportunities for participation and collaboration in the wider cultural context of Australia. More information at

Initially, Casa Cultura will focus on establishing itself as an organisation to operate an arts collective and raise the profile of its artistic practice. To achieve this initial objective, Casa Cultura needs to develop and implement strategic and operational plans and to enhance the business and management skills of its current Board members to maintain oversight of this first developmental phase.

This project is for a period of 12 months. LV will nominate 2-3 people with a substantial background in management of small or medium enterprises (SMEs) to join the Board of Casa Cultura. These nominated members will work with the existing Board members to develop effective strategic plans for the next 1-2 year and to monitor progress towards achievement of initial operational objectives. The LV nominated members of the Board will provide advice on appropriate business practices and procedures and will serve as Board members initially for no more than one year. The expected outcomes from this project would strengthen the skills of the existing Board members or identify a clear participation from these members in a different area e.g operational within Casa Cultura.
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The Good Life Farm - Seeking exceptional Board Members to help change the lives of vulnerable young people

14 September 2016

The Good Life Farm (Good Life Farm) founded in 2005, provides animal based healing and education programs for 'at risk' 11-17 year olds. These disadvantaged young people suffer from severe abuse and/or neglect. Many have critical behavioural and socialisation problems that have resulted in disengagement from the mainstream education system and from community participation. More than 80% have mental health concerns that can transmute into unacceptable social behaviours.

The Good Life Farm is often the last resort to provide these young people with a positive learning experience. The Good Life Farm aims to create a safe and consistent environment with positive role models and access to support services, building a young person's sense of self and learning new ways of trusting and relating to others and in doing so enable them to participate in mainstream education and social networks.
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Self Help Addiction Resource Centre - Mentor the Corporate Partnership staff member as she grows and develops her role in securing funding for the organisation

10 August 2016

The Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) promotes self-help approaches to recovery from severe alcohol and drug related issues.

SHARC provides opportunities for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction and related problems to recover and achieve meaningful, satisfying and contributing lives.

We envision a world where all people affected by the impact of addiction can proudly and openly seek help, help each other and demonstrate the living proof that recovery is possible.

Our team consists of people with the combination of lived experience and professional qualifications and expertise.

We are seeking a Mentor to provide advice and guidance on developing Corporate Partnerships as another source of funding for SHARC.
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TreeProject - seeking three board members with skills in communications, business development and events and activities

9 August 2016

TreeProject is a non-profit community organization dedicated to providing opportunities for the community to participate in projects to re vegetate the Victorian landscape with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. We recruit and train volunteers in towns and cities to grow and plant native seedlings for rural Victorian landholders.

Founded in 1989 TreeProject is managed by a small Committee of volunteers of various backgrounds who are seeking additional members with specific skills and talents to compliment and add to the existing team.

TreeProject currently has one permanent part time staff member with the title Project Manager who has oversight of volunteers for administration and project activities; we have two casual contract staff one for bookkeeping data entry and one for Nursery duties.

The current committee has five members. Full committee membership is nine.

Project request is seeking three additional committee members with specific skills and talents to provide leadership in,
- Communications
- Business Development
- Events and Activities
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Stroke Association of Victoria - 2 Board positions available if you have commercial business, accounting, fundraising, general management or legal experience

4 April 2016

We require two (2) - Board Members to assist the Stroke Association of Victoria Inc to meet the future Strategy Plan for the Association's planned growth
New Board Director The organisation's Mission is to provide every stroke survivor and carer access to the information and peer support services they need to re-engage with their community.
We provide Stroke Peer Support groups across Victoria. We are establishing Regional Stroke Support Centres for Post Stroke survivors to have access to on-going low cost Therapies and Group therapies, companionship, general information and support for the Stroke Survivor and their spouses/partners/families. Encourage them to aim to re-engage with the community, gain confidence and dignity. Recovery goes on for ever, in many different forms.
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Restoring Hope Incorporated - Use your accounting skills as a Board Treasurer and help children live a safe, happy and fulfilling life

20 March 2016

Restoring Hope seeks to ensure that every child or young person who has suffered from sexual abuse has the chance to have their hope restored to live a safe, happy and fulfilling life.

We will provide support, goods and services to victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse through education, awareness and fundraising events.

As a new organisation, we are seeking a Treasurer who can fulfill the responsibilities of this role.

We have PBI approval, as well as DGR status, though we have limited formal systems or structures in place. The incoming treasurer will have the flexibility to set these systems up in a way that works best for them and the organisation.
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Treasurer Board Position with Spina Bifida Foundation of Victoria

1 January 1970

The Spina Bifida Foundation Victoria (SBFV) is a dynamic and professional not-for-profit organisation helping individuals and families living with spina bifida. Located in the Melbourne, SBFV provides advocacy, information, services and programs to help people with spina bifida to lead full, active and independent lives. The SBFV is also a strong advocate for folate fortification for the prevention of neural tube defects including spina bifida.

The SBFV does not receive government funding and relies grants, philanthropy and donations for support. The SBFV has DGR status and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC).

We are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to join the SBFV team as designated Treasurer and Board Member. The Treasurer will oversee all SBFV accounting and financial reporting functions, and ensure SBFV meets all statutory requirements.
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